U12 Shield Final Report:

U12 Shield Final Report:

The day had arrived for the long awaited shield final against Roundwood. This day was an accumulation of all the hard work that this Arklow United team had put in over the last year. This team have fought well and tough over the year and this was to be their prize.

Arklow United took to the field with Luke Wyth as their captain. Caleb Doyle, Adam Collier,Adam Walker,Luke McDonagh, Darragh Higgins,Darragh Doyle, Thomas Barnes, Cian Smyth in the starting team. Leon Breen, Henry Fielderley Sam Kenny and Fionn Henry as subs.

Two well matched teams fighting for the win. It was fast paced and there were some chances on goal but neither teams were fortunate to hit the target. Defence from Arklow United was excellent. The match ending in a 0:0 score at this stage.

Ten minutes of extra time was played, both teams still fighting to the bitter end. With still a 0:0 score, it was the turn of the dreaded penalties.
The three players chosen were Adam Collier, Caleb Doyle and Cian Smyth. And of course Luke McDonagh in the goals.

First up Adam Collier, score. 1:0 up. Roundwood scored. 1:1.
Second up Caleb Doyle, score. 2:1. Roundwood scored. 2:2.
Luke McDonagh almost saving this goal.
The last two players, one from each team, Cian Smyth firing the last goal in. One more player from Roundwood. The intensity was powerful, it was hard to watch. The Roundwood player steps up but unfortunately for Roundwood he misses, fortunate for Arklow United they win. 3:2 the final score.

The whole team were overjoyed. It was fabulous to watch. Well done to Arklow United Shield Winners 2017. Well done to all the supporters, the shouts of encouragement on the sideline really pushed the lads, keeping their fight alive.

A big thank you and well done to all the coaches Pat, Stephen, James, Paul and Kevin who have helped and nurtured the whole team throughout the years and especially through this last year. A fine achievement for a fine bunch of lads.

Caleb, Luke W, Luke McD, Adam C,Adam W, Cian,Leon,Henry,Fionn, Darragh (Diggins),Darragh D,Sam, Thomas.

We are so proud of you all.